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Psychic Coaching

Psychic Coaching

My psychic coaching is a form of life coaching that is based on using intuitive and psychic abilities along with knowledge, logic, and rational thinking.

Life coaching often focuses solely or primarily on material gains and actions for achieving them. My method is more balanced, and includes the aspect of ourselves from which true success comes: We are spiritual beings living in the physical world. I help people become active, empowered creators of their lives, rather than just passively suffering through their life experiences.

Psychic Coaching is for people who want to enhance their lives in any areas in which they feel some need for improvement.

The Process

People typically start their lives with parents and schools mainly teaching basic things about the material world, with the assumption that we can use that education as a basis for success. This idea is generally supported by the media after we leave school. What is missing is the knowledge of our intrinsic spiritual nature, along with the understanding that we create good conditions in our lives from that perspective, not just by manipulating material things.

My sessions are based in the spiritual intent to provide for you what the conditioning of your family and schooling would have helped you understand if they had known themselves.

Focusing solely on material existence creates blockages that limit the ability to create, and leads to emotional issues, health problems, and other difficulties. By combining spiritual and physical focus in a balanced way, you will become a more open conduit between the spiritual and physical worlds for your own creative energy.

Creating Deliberately

Your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, actions, and behavior all have consequences. Whether you are doing it unintentionally or deliberately, you are continually experiencing the results of what you create.

I help people raise their level in life by helping them learn to notice their "vibe" and change it to create more agreeable results. With practice, you can become an adept deliberate creator of your life and overcome things you previously thought of as limitations.

As a result, it becomes possible to do things like

or whatever is right for you!

When you are the creator in control of your own life, amazing things become possible! You may benefit in ways you never expected.

Special Topics

For me, a day without learning anything new is a day wasted. I have dedicated my entire life to exploring topics of either a spiritual or a physical nature, and I am continually learning more. I love sharing things I have learned when they can be valuable to others. As you learn more, you become wiser and more adept in life.

In my sessions, I commonly draw upon schools of thought (spiritual teachings, religion, philosophy) from all over the world, including Toltec wisdom, Taoism, Buddhism, Vedic teachings, shamanism, and Christianity.

I am even more likely to talk about topics in the areas of science, technology, and engineering. (Do not worry; I am very good at explaining things to anyone. The fun part is when science and spirituality meet.)

The following are some specific areas that I have special understanding of, so I am very good at helping people in them.

There are many others that I do not list here because they are not of popular interest or of primary importance. They will come up in our sessions as appropriate.

My Style and Method

My coaching sessions are informal, friendly, one-on-one conversations with the focus on whatever it is you want to improve in your life, or are currently having trouble with. Almost everyone finds me easy and fun to talk to.

My method naturally adapts to you and your needs. Everyone is different and one of the best things about coaching psychically is that I automatically adjust to you as a unique spiritual being.

How it Works

You may have just one coaching session or many. If you want, you can have regular (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) sessions, or schedule a single session whenever you feel you need it.

Sessions can be over the phone, using a voice/video communication app, or in person.

For people who live in the area or are visiting, things usually start off with an in-person session, but if you cannot do that, all sessions can be done remotely.

What it Costs

Coaching sessions are $150 per hour, with a 30 minute minimum.

For remote sessions, payment can be by major credit card, Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal. If you are a first-time client and are paying by Paypal, I may need you to pay at least one day in advance.

I can also accept cash or checks for in-person sessions.

If there is space in my schedule, I may be willing to work on a sliding scale. Ask me in advance if you need that so we can agree on a rate.

What Clients Say About Psychic Coaching

Thank you for all your help to raise my vibration and being a supportive friend especially in my time of crazy lower vibration experiences. Helping me to clear the fog was one of the best gifts you have given me.

- L., Sedona, Arizona

Starting Up with Psychic Coaching

I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation by phone or in person to allow you to get to know me before scheduling a session.

You are also welcome to email me if you have any questions about my services.

When contacting me for the first time, make sure to say whether you are asking for a free consultation or a regular coaching session.

How to Get Started

Have questions?

Want to schedule a session?

Text me at 928 821 9232

or use my Contact Form

or email me jay@jayts.com

About Me

I was a sensitive child, growing up in a conservative, traditional small town with many old churches, and virtually no representation of spirituality, metaphysics, or mysticism from India or the Orient. I was bullied and ridiculed as weak by my tyrannical father and older brother. I was not allowed to speak freely, or even just be myself. They often lied about things and took advantage of me. It made me want to know how to tell when someone was lying, and how to know the truth.

I had no choice but to comply with my social environment at home and at school. I was required to go to church with my family. I thought religious stuff was fake, but felt there was something behind it. When I was 12 years old, I tried talking to God in my mind, and was surprised to get something that felt like an answer.

The best part of my childhood was the connection to nature. We had a vacant lot next door with a pond, a woods in the backyard, and the rural night sky was filled with stars and the Milky Way.

In school, I was interested in science and mathematics. I did well academically, and looked forward to graduating high school so I could leave my difficult family and hometown behind.

Little did I know that I would be out of the pan into the fire! I was accepted at the top-rated science and technology college in the USA, where I was in an even worse situation. The academic program was extremely rigorous, and I was trying to get by on a deficient financial aid package, so in addition to the mental and psychological stresses, I was financially stressed to the point of sometimes running out of food.

With no support from family or anyone around me, I was screaming for help inside. The result was that I had an awakening. I started hearing voices in my head that were not my own, and they were helpful and supportive. I don't really remember, but it was probably around then that I started seeing clear images that communicated ideas to me as well.

At first, I did not know what to think of the voices. They were always with me, commenting and making suggestions. I applied discernment and tested the information, not just trusting it, and gradually became clearer and learned to interpret and trust them more and more.

In the early 1990s, I started applying myself to learning spiritual teachings from all over the world, and soon after moved to Sedona to live around more people who were doing the same. It was here that I learned that I was clairaudient. That is my ability to clearly hear my guides and teachers as inner voices. And I am clairvoyant, being able to see images that are sent to me. (I learned that many animals, especially wild ones, have this ability as well.) I am also claircognizant; sometimes an extension of my knowledge comes to me in a flash of insight. Clairsentience is the ability to know something through feeling, and I have that, but usually I just call it intuition.

Over 40 years after my awakening, my psychic senses are open and clear in many ways, and I never stopped learning about science and technology. I have been coaching and doing Tarot readings for many years, and it is an honor for me to use my abilities to help other people.